Reviewing Advancement in Biometrics to Ensure Customer Satisfaction and Enhance Security

Over these past years we have seen some significant developments in the industry especially in regards to accessing mobile devices, mobile payments and border security - e-gates. But research show that the most significant developments anticipated over the next five years will be in the areas of mobile payments, online customer authentication, large-scale national ID deployment and border security.

Privacy and data protection concerns were cited as the most dominant aspect considered to be constraining the market, followed by misinformation about biometrics and poor knowledge of biometrics amongst decision makers.

So how can we, as an industry, work together to overcome these constraints? Public perception of biometrics is often described as being ‘scary’. We need to address this issue and explain what opportunities biometrics offer when implemented responsibly.

The 1st Biometrics Middle East Conference is to be held from 5-6 December 2016 at the Meydan Hotel in Dubai, UAE. This conference will provide a packed programme which will help organisations to learn and explore about the latest innovations and advancements in biometrics regionally and globally in order to maintain safe and secure smart city.

Join us at this conference that covers the latest key biometric issues and applications including:

  • ID management in the digital world
  • Law enforcement, forensics and military applications
  • Borders and travel
  • Mobility and payments

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Benefits of Attending:

Gain in-depth understanding of the strategies available to implement voice biometrics in order to increase customer experience

Find out how to choose the right biometric technology for secure, reliable and convenient solutions for your organisaton

Explore how to enhance the biometrics privacy: Methods for face and fingerprint de-identification

Streamline the mobile login process by addressing security and payment authentication to ensure that the data is protected and how iris technology can advance the system

Outlines vision for improving operational efficiency through biometrics programs

Meet with the suppliers and integrators of biometric solutions for identity management, authentication and security

Who Should Attend?

Industries Attending


Government Sectors


Data Centres









Directors / Managers of ICT


Law Enforcement Officers mandated with Border Control and Public Security


Authorities involved in Security, Safety, Data Protection &Transportation





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