5-6 December 2016
The Meydan Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Sponsors & Exhibitors

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Identita Inc.
Website: http://identita.com

Identita is a boutique security firm specializing in access control solutions. We offer a complete credential management solution including both hardware tokens and client server application software. The company’s research and development has culminated in the creation of breakthrough next-generation powered smart cards in a credit card format. Identita currently... Read More

Networking Exhibitor

Website: http://www.hanscan.com

Swipe ID is a small personal identification device eliminating identity fraud. It is the safest and most versatile identification device available, replacing access codes, passwords, login names, car fobs, passports, boarding passes, credit cards, etc. Swipe ID can be registered to 1-person-only based on its serial number. It uses 1... Read More


Reetam Solutions
Website: http://www.retaam.com

Retaam Solutions is a leading Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) solution provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Gulf Region. We are developing, implementing and integrating M2M applications within your business and ensures appropriate functional solution that are flexible and agile, cost effective through conducting use cases... Read More

01 Systems
Website: http://www.01systems.com

01 Systems is a leading software solutions provider, with more than 30 years of innovation in the fields of enterprise signatory management, content management, business process automation and branch digitization. Focused on the financial sector, 01 Systems assists banks and financial institutions all over the world to efficiently process and... Read More